Kayak Games

Written by jim radenhausen
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Kayak Games
Online games help players avoid the rapids' chilly and dangerous conditions. (kayak image by loflo69 from Fotolia.com)

Kayaking is popular recreational activity and sport for people who love the challenge of roaring rapids but it comes with potentially cold conditions and risk of injury. Kayak fans looking to play it safer can play online games that test their ability to complete obstacle courses and make it through choppy waters.

Kayak Challenge

Players race through three obstacle courses in the fastest time possible in "Kayak Challenge," accessible at the PBS Kids site. Paddling their way through flags in the river, players try avoiding slow currents and rocks. Pressing the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys moves the kayak in those directions, while pressing the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys decreases and increases kayak speed.

Kayak Extreme

"Kayak Extreme," available as a free Windows trial download at GameHouse, puts players in "Alaska," "Alpine," "South Africa" and "Training Stadium" racing environments. For each environment, players must make it through three difficulty settings. Playing in "Championship" or "Free Race" mode, players have the choice of three kayaks and three paddles, with more options becoming available as the game progresses.

Kayak King

Successfully making it through 10 obstacle courses earns players the title of "Kayak King." Accessible at the Mousebreaker site, this game gives players 10 lives as they earn points for speed and for not touching gates on passing them. Players press the directional arrow keys to move the kayak. When the kayak hits an obstacle players receive a penalty, and for each rock the kayak hits, players lose one life. The game ends when players lose all 10 lives.

Kayak Race

Players try reaching the end of the river with as little kayak damage as possible in "Kayak Race," accessible at the Puff Games site. Manoeuvring their way around the rocks, players press the "Up" arrow key to slow down, the "Down" arrow key to speed up and move forward, and the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys to move in those respective directions.

Collisions with rocks add to the boat's "Damage" meter. When the "Damage" meter completely fills with red, players have to return to the starting point. Players can track their kayaking and "Damage" meter progress by looking at the bottom right of the screen.

River Kayak

Branches and rocks stand in the way of players' clear-run kayak adventures in "River Kayak," accessible at the Game Scene site. Players press the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys to move down the river. To gain speed, players try keeping straight movement as long as possible. Hitting rocks or branches will lose a life. The game ends when players lose all their lives.

Run The Rapids

Players perform stunts while paddling down the rapids as fast as possible in "Run the Rapids," accessible at the Miniclip site. Upon reaching "Trick" gates, players perform a trick roll or jump to earn bonus points. Players jump by pressing the "X" key in conjunction with the "Up" arrow key. For a fast turn players press the "X" key with the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys. They roll by pressing "X" with the "Down" arrow key.

Players press the spacebar to paddle faster, and receive a penalty for each gate through which they do not move. Each time players hit the rocks, they incur damage to the "Damage" bar. When players collect a red and white box along their travels, their "Damage" bar resets to show no damage. Should the "Damage" bar completely fill, players return to the start point.

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