Things to Make With Pom Poms

Updated February 21, 2017

Pom poms are fuzzy little balls you can buy at your local craft or hobby store. Kids will love making things out of them, and they even come in different sizes for lots of interesting crafts. Use a glue gun or craft glue to adhere the balls to each other.


Make insects using small pom poms. For a caterpillar, glue together five pom poms and glue on googly eyes. You can cut pipe cleaners and bend them to look like legs. For a bee, use three yellow pom poms and bend a black pipe cleaner to make wings. You can do spider or a dragonfly too.

Pom Pom Monster

Glue a large pom to feet that you made out of felt or cardstock. Glue big googly eyes on the pom and you have made a pet pom monster. Make an army of monsters out of different sized pom poms.


Glue pom poms on clothing to make them more fun. Attach pom poms to a hat or toboggan, a T-shirt, or a headband to make funky apparel. Make an interesting scarf by threading large pom poms on to embroidery floss with a needle and tying the end when you are done.

3-D Pictures

Bring kids' artwork to life with pom poms. Draw a snow scene and glue on white pom poms to create snow. Add colourful pom poms to pictures of animals, or glue a group of pom poms together to form a rainbow.

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