Drills That Will Help Improve Throwing Power & Accuracy

Written by vincent runyon
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Drills That Will Help Improve Throwing Power & Accuracy
Dominate in baseball with a strong arm. (baseball image by Tomasz Plawski from Fotolia.com)

A strong and accurate arm is one of the most important tools in all of sports. Its most obvious application is in baseball, where most of the defence consists of throwing the ball back and forth. But a strong arm is also essential for the quarterback position in football, and can even help players in basketball and soccer. Fortunately, you can raise your arm's power and accuracy with a few drills.

Kneeling Throw

This drill is a take-off on the classic long toss drill with a slight twist. In it, two players take a knee about thirty feet away from each other. The knee that is on the ground is the same side knee as the player's throwing arm. Both players throw a ball back and forth while on a knee. After about two or three minutes, the players get up, and then walk back fifteen feet each. They then go back on their knees and then continue throwing to each other. By removing the lower body from the throwing motion, this drill isolates the arms and shoulders of each of the players. It makes the arm and shoulder stronger by making them work harder. It also improves accuracy, as players are forced to concentrate more on making their throws in the somewhat awkward position.

Quick Hands

This drill will help a player become more accurate in a game situation, as it forces them to make split-second throws. In it, you will need at least two pairs of players and a watch. Set each player about ten or fifteen yards away from each other. Have the players catch and throw to each other as many times as possible. The pair that has the most catches and throws in total ends up winning the drill. This drill makes players throw fast and puts a premium on their accuracy, as any missed throw will ruin their time and make them lose the competition.

Weight Training

Doing drills that consist solely of throwing a baseball can only do so much to increase the throwing power of a player. At some point, the player will need to lift weights. If the player focuses on the shoulders and rotator cuff, throwing power will increase. One such workout is to have players take low weights in each hand (five pounds or less) and hold them out perpendicular their bodies. Have them make small circular motions while keeping their arms straight for a minute. Another drill is simply having the players do sets of lifting these weights straight out in front of them with straight arms for a set of seven to 11 repetitions. Yet another drill is to see if players can do a set of lifts with their arms going out to the side with arms straight. To strengthen the back, players can lean forward, and then lift both weights to shoulder height for a set.

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