Natural Treatments for Dogs with Cushings Disease

Updated November 21, 2016

A dog who is suffering from canine Cushing's disease, a build-up of glucocorticoid, a chemical made by the adrenal gland, in the body, has to deal with problems with the body’s process for dealing with fats and carbohydrates. If you want to avoid chemical medications to treat your dog and prefer a more natural approach, you do have some options you can discuss with your dog’s veterinarian.

Herbal Additives

Herbal treatments are most effective when you begin dosing in the early stages of the disease. Most over-the-counter herbal treatments use a combination of specific herbs to treat the different effects of Cushing’s disease on the body. For example, dandelion is used to address the adrenal gland, liver and kidneys. According to, it works as a diuretic to encourage kidney function and promote bile in the liver, which helps with cleansing the liver and generates a compound that is similar to sterol, a compound made by the adrenal gland. This makes the herb effective at supporting the natural function of these organs that Cushing’s disease can damage. In conjunction with dandelion, burdock root is recommended to keep blood sugars under control.

Homeopathic Additives

In conjunction with herbal additives, there are some other additives that are recommended when treating your dog naturally. These additives are hepar sulph, sulphur and arsenicum. All three help relieve symptoms of the disease. The hepar sulph and sulphur help to sooth and promote the healing of skin irritations often associated with Cushing’s disease. Arsenicum helps relieve the excessive thirst dogs experience.

Change in Diet

According to, one alternative treatment to surgery or chemical medications is to try a change in your dog's diet. Consider talking to your vet about changing your dog’s diet from your current dog food to a homemade diet of raw meat and vegetables. Your vet can help you address the specific nutritional requirements for your particular dog and suggest the right food combination for him. Natural diets can help boost the immune system by adding antioxidants to your dog’s body and help to remove corticosteroids that are weakening the immune system and possibly causing tumours. It encourages the adrenal glands function too.

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