Airsoft Gun Simulation Games

Written by stephen andrew baldwin
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Airsoft Gun Simulation Games
This Airsoft player is taking a tactical approach to blend in with the surroundings. (Airsoft Scene image by DanielC from

Airsoft guns are plastic replica rifles and handguns that shoot small BBs or paint balls smaller than normal paint balls. Airsoft guns are typically spring loaded, electric, or carbon dioxide powered to cause minimal pain and skin damage but to be startling enough for a player to know he or she has been hit. Airsoft is similar to paintball and better played outside to avoid leaving ammunition lying about or damaging anything indoors.


Hostage is essentially a game centred on a hostage situation, though there are a number of variations depending on preference and number of players. The basic game has two teams, the terrorists and the counterterrorists. The terrorists take unarmed hostages while the other team attempts to rescue those hostages before the allotted time runs out when a hostage, or hostages, will be executed. Teams rotate, giving everyone a chance to play as terrorists, hostages and counterterrorists. Some variations include taking only one hostage and actually shooting the hostages to create a higher sense of urgency for the counterterrorists to rescue their team members. It is typically more enjoyable if the counterterrorists are equipped with better and more weapons than the terrorists, or if there are more players on the counterterrorist team.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is about gaining and holding territory. This game can be played with teams or as a free-for-all in which every player is against everyone else. To play this game you'll need a centralised area, or better, an actual hill. Begin by roping off the desired area that will serve as your desired battlegrounds and a second area outside for players to retreat when they've been hit. The goal of the game is to have control of the hill at the end of an allotted time period, when the timer goes off. Players battle for control of the hill by shooting other players who stand inside the battle zone. When a player is hit, he must exit the hill area and retreat back down to the respawn zone before he can re-enter the game. Winner is the player or players in the circle when the timer rings.


This game is similar to the other two but involves members playing on two teams. Like King of the Hill, you'll need to circle off a small area and provide a stopwatch to serve as your bomb. In this game the terrorist team works to plant a bomb in the designated area while the other team must defend it. For a bomb to be planted, one player must place the bomb in the circle and set the timer for 30 seconds. If the bomb goes off, the terrorists win. The counterterrorist players can deactivate the bomb once it has been planted--if they can get to it without being shot and turn off the timer before it goes off. This game is also more fun with respawn zones on each side of the playing area for each team.

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