Banquette Seating Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Banquette seating is convenient if you are trying to conserve space or looking for a little extra storage around the house. Banquette seating is usually located along a wall and includes a bench seat with a low or high back. The bench seat is often upholstered, and the back may be as well to match the seat cushions. Banquette seating is very popular in the kitchen as part of the dining table set.


Banquette seating is often used with a breakfast nook. The seating is found in a corner with the banquette placed on two walls. A table and bench complete the set. Banquette table sets use much less room than a traditional table and chairs, especially for a large family. The table remains while the bench may be pulled out to accommodate those sitting at the table.

Window Seating

Banquette seating may also be found beneath a window in a bedroom or the living room. It is a popular choice for a reading area and may include pillows for lounging. Window seating banquettes usually have a low back, which may not be upholstered. Banquettes come in a wide variety of colours, styles and textures, and can be found to match any decor.


Place a banquette in the sun room. This banquette may be upholstered with fade-resistant fabric, so as not to get ruined by the sun’s rays. Many banquettes are built with storage space beneath the bench. Place planting supplies and games or books in the banquette storage space for entertainment while in the sun room. If you have plants in the sun room and use tools for planting and maintenance, the storage space is a great place to keep those tools.

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