What dog breeds get along best with cats?

Updated April 17, 2017

Some dogs and cats are best buddies. If cats and dogs are raised together in a same home, most figure out a way to get along. Some breeds of dogs are better at adapting to an environment that includes a cat, though. Cats are not the adaptable ones, so you need to choose the right dog -- a friendly and gentle one -- to get along with your cat.

Bichon Frise

According to " Breeder Retriever," Bichon Frises, make great family pets, and, "are great with kids and other family pets". The dog is smart, affectionate and sociable. Because they do not like to be alone, a cat might be good company.

Labrador Retrievers

Some boast that the Labrador retriever breed of dog is the best family dog of all, and they blend well into the family structure. They are known to have very easy going temperaments. contends that, "Labrador Retrievers do very well with other household animals."

Golden Retrievers

This sweet dog breed is also very patient. Golden retrievers love people, children and cats. "Typical is the Golden that lives for his family, befriends the cats and neighbourhood dogs, plays with the children," according to


A toy dog, the Havanese is about the same size as most cats. Information about the breed Havanese, from the Alderon Farms Kennel, states that, " They're highly intelligence, great with children, and comfortable around other pets and strangers."

Mixed Breed Rescue Dog

Many of the mixed breeds who get adopted into loving homes make good pets. Some are so happy to have homes that they have no problem with the residents, including others pets. If a cat lives in the home, a rescue dog can adapt quite well. However, it is a good idea to research the breed mixes for cat compatibility before adopting.

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