Ideas for Flower Arranging

Adding creative and personal touches to floral arrangements provides an array of ideas for displaying flowers. Implementing a variety of fresh, silk, and dried flowers is a cost effective tool for flower arranging used for home decor, weddings, and other celebrations. Using pottery, ceramics, vintage tins and canisters, fresh fruit, and glass vases varying in height are all simple approaches to flower arranging, but they instantly add variety throughout the home or party decor.

Dried and Silk Florals

Hanging dried flowers or silk arrangements in a decorative cone adds dimension and colour to a blank wall. These dried or silk creations can serve double duty as part of the wedding decor when displayed on doors of a church and then afterward at the reception site. Display long stem flowers in a tall glass vase and add potpourri for a splash of colour and inviting scent. Arrange a variety of silk flowers with plastic berries inside a decorative ceramic vase or inside a pottery vase.

Fresh Flowers Displayed in a Variety of Vases

Adding creative, vintage touches to floral arrangements is a good way to stretch the budget. Using colourful and distinctive vintage biscuit and tea tins and antique watering cans is an inexpensive tool for adding character to the floral arrangement. Using wildflowers or other less costly flowers like Gerber daisies and carnations look chic--not cheap--when placed inside vintage and antique vases and tins. Display fresh flowers in cylindrical vases in varying heights as a centrepiece or on the ledge of a mantle. Intersperse flowers throughout the home in bud vases or antique milk glass.

Fresh Fruit Vases

Hollowed-out pumpkins or watermelon are great fresh fruit flower displays. Fruit can serve as a non- traditional vase, adding colour and conversation to a party. Be sure to use thoroughly soaked floral foam inside the hollowed-out, fully cleaned fruit in order to keep the flowers from wilting. Use as a centrepiece for a luau or holiday party.

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