Baby Cot Regulations

Updated July 20, 2017

When choosing a cot for your baby to sleep in, you want to be sure you are following all safety guidelines and regulations. While companies are required by law to produce cots that meet all safety provisions, you still should check all safety requirements out for yourself before purchasing a baby cot.


According to Product Safety Standards Regulations of New Zealand, the bars of the cot should be vertical and spaced between 50 and 90 millimetres. Do not purchase a cot with horizontal or diagonal bars as your baby may try to climb up the sides of the cot. The top of the mattress base cannot be lower than the bottom of the lowest rails. The mattress should have no more than 20 millimetres between its edges and the cot's sides when the mattress is centred. Additionally, from the base of the mattress to the lowest point on any end or side of the crib, there should be a minimum depth of 600 millimetres.


New Zealand's Product Safety Standards Regulations also require that every component of the cot be fixed permanently so that a child could not tamper with any part of the crib. There should be no objects, such as decorative features or a corner post, that protrude more than five millimetres inside or outside the cot. The cot should also be free of any sharp edges that could possibly injure a baby. The dropside of the cot must be able to move freely from its fastenings. Also, the guides of the dropside must be securely fixed to prevent the child from opening the dropside.


The Product Safety Standards Regulations of New Zealand insist upon several warning labels being present on a baby cot. The manufacturers must post clear instructions on how to assemble the cot as well as safety and maintenance information. The mattress base also requires a permanent label regarding the size of the mattress. If the cot comes wrapped in plastic packaging, it must include a suffocation warning label.

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