Simple Garden Ideas for the Average Home

Updated February 21, 2017

Gardens can be created in the front or backyards of just about any home, large or small, adding natural beauty to the property and upping the enjoyment for those tending these gardens. These gardens don't have to be complex, but rather simple areas where plants can be planted and will grow almost entirely on their own.


Dig a hole in the yard where you want your garden. Fill it with fresh dirt and top soil where. Some flowers require more care then others so there are a few species you may want to plant in a simple flower garden. Daylilys are easy to grow, requiring only to be planted in an area with sunlight and watered regularly, but also produce beautiful flowers. Black-eyed Susans are daisies, which never really have to be tended beyond watering. A large number of these flowers are a good start to any simple garden.

Rocks and Rock Border

Define the garden space by bordering it with rocks. The rocks should be relatively the same size. They act as a barrier for roots trying to grow in or out of the garden, as well as topsoil from the garden itself spilling out into the rest of the yard. With larger beds that run across the middle of the yard, lay a series of smooth flat rocks down in the middle of the bed for people to walk on, so that they do not crush the plants or soil of the garden itself.

Ferns and Cacti

Exotic looking plants like ferns and cactus fill a large amount of space in a garden, create shade for other plants and won't need a large amount of upkeep to survive. These plants make a simple flower garden look more diverse or accent different sections of the garden, especially if they are planted symmetrically on opposite sides of the garden from each other. Ferns and cacti are also not susceptible to pests, diseases or animals that may wander through the garden.

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