Thirteenth Birthday Party Ideas for Girls on a Budget

Updated February 21, 2017

Planning a party to celebrate a girl's milestone 13th birthday might be a huge deal to her, though you might have a small budget. Work with your soon-to-be-teen and her closest friends or put together a surprise party based on the things that interest the birthday girl the most. If the party is not a surprise, be honest about budget limitations and encourage your daughter to get creative to throw the party of her dreams.

Glamour Party

Plan a glamour or fashion party if your 'tween is a diva-in-training. Gather a variety of make-up and nail polish from a dollar store that the girls can use to give each other makeovers. Or gather a couple of your friends to give the girls salon-style treatments and make them feel pampered.

Slumber Party

Most 13-year-old girls enjoy a slumber party where they can stay up all night, gossip, divulge secrets, eat and watch their favourite movies. Combine a make-up or makeover party with a slumber party and a chick-flick marathon. Or plan a backyard camp-out with a fire, roasting marshmallows, tents, sleeping bags and ghost stories for girls who enjoy the outdoors. If you already have tents and camping equipment, this party mostly will consist of a food budget.

Pool Party

Warmer months make inexpensive parties easy if you or someone you know has a pool. Plan a simple party with a backyard barbecue, music and swimming. Pool parties can include themes, such as a luau, and work for all-girl or co-ed parties.

Going Out

Plan your daughter's 13th birthday party at a location that provides fun and entertainment on a budget. Skating rinks and bowling alleys sometimes offer late-night budget admission for teens, such as glow-in-the-dark cosmic bowling. Alternatively, you might be able to negotiate a lower rate if you hold the party on a "slow" night. Check into your local establishments if bowling is an activity your teen enjoys.

Mystery Party

Allow your teen and her friends to dress up and use their imaginations by hosting a mystery party. Simply make dinner and allow the teens to play out the mystery according to their own roles. You can purchase a game plan or create your own. If you would like something easier, plan a scavenger hunt and send the teens (in groups or teams) to various neighbours' homes to try to find miscellaneous items. Feed the girls when they return home to add up the points they earned for the items they obtained.

Nightclub Party

Ask guests to come dressed-to-impress for a nightclub-style party. Gather other adults who have digital cameras to act as the paparazzi and take pictures of your guests as they arrive. Use your computer or personal music player to blast music for the teens to dance to. Hang a disco ball or strings of holiday lights as mood lighting. Set out finger foods, such as bite-sized sandwiches and chips, and beverages as refreshments.

Reality TV Party

Use your daughter's favourite TV reality show as inspiration for a creative party. Host a modelling competition or talent show and let the girls act as the contestants and judges. Give out awards for the best dressed, most creative, best presentation or whatever awards the girls come up with. Another option is to use your teen's sense of humour as the inspiration and put together a roast.

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