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Updated February 21, 2017

A cottage is a small, cosy home, often situated in a rural or semirural area. There are cottages tucked in among the larger houses and offices in cities and entire cottage communities in resort areas and in some planned communities. Cottages can be faced with stone, shingle, brick or stucco and preserving the original facade is often the best design choice. When the cottage is wood, it invites a creative colour job.

Primary Residence

A cottage is living, elementary style. Cottages are generally compact in terms of square footage and matter-of-fact in terms of design. Emphasise that simplicity with a selection of basic colours for the exterior. A sunny yellow cottage is a dollhouse with bright blue window frames and shutters and a lollipop red door. A pale blue cottage can handle red trim, white porch pedestals and a dark blue front door. Huge sunflowers planted around the porch add an extra splash of colour. A faded-pink cottage looks terrific with sharp navy blue trim and a maize-coloured door. Or, shift to a secondary colour scheme with pale green walls, dark green trim and a pumpkin-coloured door. Flip that choice around to a creamy pumpkin house, dark green trim and a violet door and add plenty of evergreen shrubs for an extra touch of green year round.

The Hobbit House

A selection of colours drawn from nature will make a cottage seem like part of the landscape. A soft taupe on walls can be balanced with dark green trim, brown shutters and door. A sage house with woodsy brown trim and a darker green door looks magical surrounded by green ferns. A cream-coloured house with a few gnarled apple trees in the yard is perfect with dark green trim and a red front door. A solitary cottage in its own abundant garden can be a morning-glory purplish blue with delphinium blue trim and a yellow door. In the winter, when it can't blend into the garden, the house becomes the garden, wearing all its flower colours through the long dark days.

The Pocket Community

A pocket community is a small cluster of classic cottages tucked into an older neighbourhood or deliberately designed as a new development. The houses are either identical or very similar, with differences mainly in such features as porches, gardens and paint colours. Cookie cutter cottages can look charming with colour-coordinated paint. Vivid works wonders with white trim. A neighbourhood can decide to do this together. A lone house painter can draw inspiration and ideas from neighbouring cottages. The closer to the equator the cottage is, the brighter the colours. If the trim is white, the walls can go soldier blue, hot pink, lime, pineapple yellow, turquoise, melon, or purple hyacinth. Big terra cotta flower pots complement this palette---fill them with colourful flowering plants.

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