Warm bathroom colors

Updated February 21, 2017

The bathroom of your home should feel cosy and relaxing. If your bathroom leaves you cold and appears sterile, give it a boost by adding warm bathroom colours. Make your bathroom cosy by painting the walls in a warm hue, and add complementary accessories that will brighten and lighten the bathroom.


Peach is one warm colour you can use in a bathroom. It will make your bathroom appear bright and comfortable. One way to incorporate peach into your bathroom is with accessories. Keep the bathroom walls and ceiling light and neutral. Add flowers, vases and towels in peach. Hang a shower curtain with touches of peach but not a solid peach colour. If you would like a bold and warmer look, paint the walls peach. This looks best in a bathroom that receives a lot of light.


Cream is a warm yet neutral paint colour. Cream paint and decorations work with just about any room or theme. As it's a warm neutral, do not pair it with cool colours, such as green or light blue. If you would like to keep your walls mostly neutral but with a bit of colour, paint the walls cream and use a brighter paint colour for the trim. If your bathroom is a bright, bold colour such as orange or red, add cream towels and accessories to the bathroom.


Warm, brown walls liven up your bathroom. As it's a darker colour, it will look best in a bathroom that does not receive as much light. One colour that looks excellent paired with brown is mint green. If you paint the walls brown, add mint towels with brown monogrammed initials on it. Another option is to keep the walls neutral in a taupe or off-white colour, and add brown trim and a shower curtain.

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