The Top 10 Perfumes for Women

Every woman has a favourite personal fragrance she loves to wear. Sometimes it's good for her to mix it up and introduce a new perfume to her beauty counter. Taking a look at some of the most popular women's fragrances every year is a great way to keep a freshly stocked perfume gallery at home.


Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is an ageless fragrance that ranks at the top of the most-sold women's perfumes each year. This fragrance, which all women will admire, is a mixture of lavender, orchid and amber. It has a hint of apple martini, paper whites and musk mingled into the base mix to give it a truly irresistible touch.

Aqua Di Gio

Aqua Di Gio for Women is one of the best-selling fragrances by Armani. Not only does the fashion and beauty company produce highly fashionable clothing, they also make a number of high quality perfumes for both men and women. Each year Acqua Di Gio ranks as the women's favourite scent, because of its use of sweet pea, jasmine and white hyacinth combined with Muscat grape, musk and woods.

Armani Code

Armani Code for Women is another all-around fragrance perfect for mothers, sisters and you. This perfume makes good use of interesting notes such as orange, ginger and sandalwood. There is even a hint of honey mixed into every whiff.


Attraction by Lancome, an eau de perfume spray for women, is a great choice if you enjoy compliments from perfect strangers and friends. There is a reason Lancome named it "Attraction," because you instantly perk up the olfactory senses when you enter the room. Attraction is a luxurious blend of warm woods, floral, iris and patchouli notes.


Calvin Klein's Euphoria is a luxurious and breathtaking scent which is known for its versatility. It can be worn in different settings and for a variety of occasions. Wear it when you want to dress up in your ballroom best or when you snuggle up to your lover on the sofa. Euphoria will make his head buzz! This fragrance for women is known for its creamy signature of black orchid, pomegranate, persimmon, lotus blossom, black violet, mahogany and liquid amber.

Flower Princess

Vera Wang's Flower Princess is a classic perfume that has a fruity and sweet floral scent. Flower Princess comes in a pink heart-shaped spray bottle, ready for you to turn up the romance inside and outside the bedroom. Top notes in this elegant blend include ivy, tangerine and water lily. When wearing this fragrance you are greeted by middle and base notes, such as orange flower, rose, jasmine, apricot skin and amber.


Eternity for Women is another classic scent by the beauty and fashion designer, Calvin Klein. This fragrance is geared toward the mature woman who knows what she wants. When she wears it she will be defined by notes of alluring flowers and delicate fruits. This romantic perfume contains a harmonious blend of freesia, sage, white lily, patchouli, sandalwood and amber.

Curve Kicks

Curve Kicks by Liz Claiborne is geared toward younger women, not only with its scent, but also its presentation. Liz Claiborne is known by many women for their great perfumes and they do not fall short with Curve Kicks. This eau de toilette spray contains overtones of passion fruit, neon florals, vanilla with subtle hints of peach, sandalwood and cedar.


Opium by Yves Saint Laurent has been a top seller year after year since 1977. This eau de toilette spray offers a refined and soft oriental fragrance. It contains a beautiful blend of rose, carnation, sandalwood, clove and lily of the valley.

Touch Of Pink

Touch of Pink by Lacoste, an eau de toilette spray for women, makes good use of blood orange, coriander leaves, cardamom seeds, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. Lacoste has made a fresh and fun fragrance that stands out and lifts your spirits.

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