Feng shui cures for the wrong placement of a front door

Written by teresa dashwood
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Feng shui cures for the wrong placement of a front door
Feng Shui Impacts a Dwelling's Front Door (front door image by angelo.gi from Fotolia.com)

Feng Shui, meaning "wind" "water," is an ancient Chinese philosophy of designing space and items for beneficial influence, "chi" or breath of life. Today, an increased interest in Feng Shui has sparked books, articles and jobs, as Feng Shui consultants visit offices as well as homes, with the goal of helping the natural flow of energy. According to Feng Shui, correct front door placement and surroundings are a vital element in the entire dwelling.

The Direction and Colors of the Front Door

The first consideration is the direction that the front door faces: north, south, east or west, or a combination of directions. Each direction benefits from specific colours and materials. While many designers state that a door should be red, the red doors in China are also facing south. In northern climes, the doors face a variety of directions, which impact the Feng Shui design.

According to Easy Feng Shui, north-facing doors should be blue, black or white. Doors to the east should be green, blue or turquoise. South doors are painted warm colours such as red, pink or purple. West doors do well in white, yellow, gold or silver. Magenta is another option.

Front Door Surroundings

According to Feng Shui Prophet, careful designers consider the structural surroundings of the front door. One general guideline is that the front door should not look onto the back door, which means that beneficial energy will enter and exit too quickly. Beneficial energy is blocked if the front door is opposite a staircase, a corner or a post or column. Other undesirable views to avoid include a front door with a view of a toilet, of a stove or fire place, or a bedroom or sitting room. It's never good if the front door is lower than a toilet.

Regarding the door, be sure to place furniture so that no one is sitting with their back to the door. The door's size is important. Small doors require mirrors in the proximity, but not opposite the door. A large door could let in too much chi at once, a problem remedied with windchimes hanging near the door. The door should open without hitting furniture. When hanging a door, the hinges must be near the wall.

Appearance of the Front Door

In Feng Shui, the first impression and appearance of the front door sets the stage for the energy of the entire house. A clean, welcoming and uncluttered front door and area invites beneficial energy into the home. According to Feng Shui practicioner Lori Grear, a front door and area that appears neglected or unwelcoming deprives the dwelling's inhabitants of the beneficial energy, the life's breath of the house.

Lori first suggests making sure that the front door opens easily. Doors that stick or scrape upon opening will bring a negative influence that causes the inhabitants to work harder for what they want. She also advises removing clutter, including broken or unused objects, which bring a broken, cluttered energy. Make sure that the hardware on the door is shiny and clean. After cleaning the front door area, it's best to use the front door regularly, even if there are other entrances. Using the front door opens up the home to beneficial energy. For those who seek financial gain, Lori likes to place five new shiny pennies under a mat that says "Welcome."

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