Ideas for youth group activities

Updated February 21, 2017

A youth group can be part of a day camp, a summer camp or just a retreat for young people to get away for a day or two and bond together. There are several youth group activities that kids can do to help make their time together fun, and to create a team building atmosphere as well. The right youth group activities can be learning lessons for young people on how to cultivate healthy relationships as they enter their adult years.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items that can be found in the forest and natural landscape around you, and then create a nature scavenger hunt for the youth group. Break the group down into pairs to help create a sense of teamwork, and then have them set out into the area to collect the items on the list. Some of the items can include a specific coloured rock, a tree leaf from a specific tree or a stick in the shape of the letter "Y." Some items can be simple, and others should require some work. Make sure the list includes detailed pictures and descriptions so that the children know what they are looking for. Try to keep the hunt in a specific area so the adults are able to keep track of the children. Do not include any insects or animals on your list.

Tasting Party

Gather the youth group together in the cafeteria and have a tasting party. Have the group select someone to taste an unknown item, then blindfold that person before bringing out the item. It needs to be something that is safe to eat, and you should find out if anyone has any food allergies before you get started. The rest of the group can see what the person is eating, and it can be fun watching the blindfolded person try to guess what he is eating.

Clean a Park

Get your youth group motivated to clean up parks in your area. Ask the local hardware store to donate outdoor garbage bags and work gloves. If the park doesn't have its own trash bin, ask a local business if you can use its dumpster. You will also need to find someone with a pickup truck to help move the trash bags from the park to the dumpster. Alert the local media of your project, and try to inspire the neighbourhood to clean up other parks and public areas.

Car Wash

A youth group car wash can get your group to work together and make money for charity. Ask a local business to allow you to set up a car wash in its car park; ask if you can refill your water buckets there as well. In some cases, the car park of a local public park works well if you get permission from the local government. Charge a small amount of money per car, such as £3. Ask the local hardware store if they will donate sponges, gloves and car wash soap. You may be able to get the buckets free from local restaurants that get deliveries in large buckets.

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