Signs of a High School Crush

Updated March 23, 2017

Many signs of a high school crush reveal themselves in rather obvious ways for both boys and girls. While a crush is often relatively short-lived, especially if your crush is much older and in a higher grade, it has the chance to develop into real love if friendships develop and a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship ensues. Dating your high school crush is a good way to find out whether you have true feelings for the other person or whether it was simply infatuation.

Physiological Symptoms

A high school crush can trigger several physiological symptoms. First, simply seeing the other person you may be crushing may trigger stomach butterflies or a general nervous feeling. Then, bodily symptoms that often result from that nervous feeling include sweaty palms and racing heartbeats. Some people describe these symptoms, especially the stomach butterflies, as a feeling that "takes your breath away."


Many high school students experience awkwardness around the "liked" person that they do not experience around family or other friends. This awkwardness often results probably because you're attention is entirely fixated on your high school crush. Tripping and falling over, bumping into objects, and stumbling over words when talking to the person whom you like are all signs that you're experiencing a high school crush.


Obsessiveness is a classic sign of a high school crush that often distinguishes a crush from "real" love in many cases. You may find yourself talking about the person a little too much to family and friends. Having constant thoughts about sexual fantasies and daydreams about your crush that preoccupy your time---instead of devoting it to homework or chores---are also signs of obsession.


One sign of a high school crush is displaying extreme defensiveness when someone challenges or faults the "liked" person. People, especially high school students, often justify a crush's wrongdoing by making excuses or attributing the actions to external sources. A high school crush causes this defensive wall because you want to believe that your crush has no faults and would make a perfect match for you.

Impression Management

Impression management involves being on your "best behaviour," concealing personal flaws and taking other steps to influence your crush's perception of you. For example, you may tell your crush that you like certain activities or hobbies simply because he likes them. Spending extra time in the bathroom on personal hygiene, such as putting extra cologne or body spray on, is also something you may find doing for your crush.

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