Adult dinner party games

Written by rebekah worsham
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Adult dinner party games
Adult dinner parties aren't just about the food. (party cup ctreamers and party banners image by Warren Millar from

Great dinner parties are not only about food. Guests remember as much about the entertainment and socialisation as they do the food. Treat your guests to some creative and fun party games that will keep them coming back to your place time after time.

Cereal Box Game

Clear away the furniture from the centre of the room to allow plenty of room for guests to play. Once the room is cleared, cut the flaps off of a tall, empty cereal box and place the box in the centre of the room. One at a time, each guest should approach the box, bend over and try to pick up the box with their teeth. Only the guest's mouth should touch the box and only the players feet should touch the floor, however, guests are free to bend or twist in any way necessary to pick up the box with their teeth. Touching the floor with any other body part results in elimination. After each elimination, an additional inch should be cut from the box's height to make it shorter and shorter. Continue cutting and playing until there's only one player left. That player is the winner.

Adult dinner party games
The Cereal Box Game will keep your guests on their toes. (Breakfast Cereal image by Chris Henderson from

Hot Camera Game

All party guests should stand or sit in a circle. Set the timer on the camera, then pass the camera around to your guests. Each guest, holding the camera at arms length, points the camera lens at him or herself for a second or two, then passes the camera to the person on the left, who repeats the process until the timer goes off and the camera takes a photo. Whoever is holding the camera when it takes the photo must either do a dare, answer an embarrassing question or drop out. The last player left in the circle is the winner.

Adult dinner party games
The Hot Camera Game will dare your guests to have fun. (photo camera image by A74.FR Ben Fontaine from

New Name Game

Before the party beings, think of some funny or silly names for each guest. Create name tags out of stickers and surprise each guest with his or her newly given name to wear on their clothes when they arrive. Throuout the dinner party, guests must use their new name when talking about themselves, and all guests must refer to other guests by their name that is written on their name tag. There are two different ways to play this game--"Measles" or "Pennies." For the measles version, those who slip up and don't follow the rules of calling each guest by their newly given name must wear a red dot-shaped sticker on their face. The guest with the most stickers (measles) at the end of the night loses. For the pennies version, whoever catches a guest calling another guest by the wrong name gets a penny. The guest who has collected the most pennies by the end of the party wins.

Adult dinner party games
The Name Game will have your guests at hello. (name hand image by drawos from

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