Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Updated November 21, 2016

Thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend are presents that stimulate romantic feelings and emotion. These are gifts that your boyfriend will truly appreciate because of the love and care that went into choosing or making them. The amount of money you spend is not what's important. The most meaningful and treasured gift is often something simple or handmade.

Photo-Decorated Calendar

A photo-decorated calendar is a meaningful gift for your boyfriend. Collect his favourite photos that include pictures of him with his family, pictures of his pet and photos of you and him together. You need at least twelve photos. Take the photos to a photo print shop and they will print a calendar featuring the photos.


A scrapbook is an excellent gift for your boyfriend. If you have been dating your boyfriend for very long, you should have a huge assortment of photos. Choose plain coloured or patterned card stock as the background for your pictures. Card stock is thick paper found at the craft store or copy shop.

You can find all sorts of patterned paper with different themes such as baseballs, football or other "guy" themes. Decorate each page with one large photo or three smaller photos. Start the book with the first photos of you and your boyfriend together and continue until the end of the book includes the most recent pictures of you and your boyfriend.

Engraved Gifts

Engraved gifts are thoughtful presents with a custom message for the recipient. Buy your boyfriend a collectable watch or locket and take this item to the jeweller to add a custom engraving. Avoid a generic message like "I love you". Instead write something that is specific to him. Think of something that will cause him to have butterflies in his stomach. What was the first thing he said to to you?? If you have an inside joke or a favourite song, say something about that.

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