Funny Ideas for the Best Man Speech

Updated July 20, 2017

Delivering the best man speech at a wedding is an honour and an opportunity to reveal a side of the groom that many wedding guests have never seen before. A best man speech should be equal parts sincere sentiment and good-natured roast. Making light fun of the groom is a best man speech tradition that can be both funny and yet still appropriate for the parents and grandparents.

Embarrassing Groom Photos

Show wedding guests funny photos of the groom doing embarrassing things like dancing in a silly costume, sporting a terrible haircut or trying to look cool while wearing badly dated clothing (parachute trousers, canvas shoes, etc). Provide humorous narration and explain the story behind each photo. If possible, set up a DVD slide show presentation to make it easier for the guests to clearly see all of the photos without having to pass them around. You should also keep it mild, and refrain from showing anything risqué or potentially offensive like nude photos or pictures of the groom with previous girlfriends.

Funny Groom Anecdote

Tell a story about a misadventure you and the groom had back in college, high school or on a job. This is an opportunity for you to make fun of yourself as well as the groom, which can help endear you to the wedding guests. Appropriate anecdote topics include pranks the two of you played on one of his siblings, how cheap he is on road trips and holidays, or a cooking disaster where he nearly burnt the house down. Keep it short, limit yourself to one anecdote and avoid getting bogged down in details that many guests won't care about.

Humorous Poem

Write a short, funny poem to read during your best man speech. Weddings give you plenty of humorous rhymes to choose from that can help you with writing your poem. For example, wife rhymes with "knife" and "strife," groom with "maroon" and "womb," and aisle with "mile" and "crocodile." From there, you can create a brief, amusing poem that affectionately ribs the groom. Other options for a funny poem include adapting a well-known poem ("Roses are red, violets are blue...") or selecting an existing poem that is appropriate for the occasion.

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