Devil Costume Makeup Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A devil is a classic Halloween costume for a man, woman or child. Pair some make-up with as much red clothing as you have, and some fake horns and a tail. Don't forget your pitchfork. If you are using face paint, remember to do a skin test prior to applying it all over your face to check for sensitivities or allergies.

Make-up Options

Devil make-up starts with a red base. Using Halloween costume paint (purchased at a costume shop or retailer) paint your entire face red. If you have sensitive skin, you can mix liquid foundation with red powdered eyeshadow or blush instead. Mix it in a bowl and use a big brush to evenly distribute it onto your face.

The Eyes Have It

Your eyes play a big part in looking devilish. Using black eyeshadow and eye liner, line your eyes and paint the lids black with shadow or paint. Use false eyelashes or mascara bring out your lashes. You can also add glitter for extra excitement, in either silver or red. You may want to emphasise your eyebrows as well and paint them dark and curved or pointed.

Lips and Cheeks

Red lipstick is a must for your mouth. Apply the darkest red you can find and do the same with your cheeks. Bright red blush will add a matt effect to your paint and set your make-up.

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