Eighteenth Anniversary Gift Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Eighteen years of marriage isn't typically one of the milestone anniversaries, but it should be celebrated by the couple as a reflection of their unity, commitment and promises to one another. The couple may have younger children at home and might consider a family trip in lieu of a typical gift. Eighteenth anniversary symbols are porcelain, cat's eye and garnet and can be incorporated into anniversary gifts.

Porcelain Gifts

Porcelain is the modern 18th anniversary gift. Ideas can include a variety of ceramic items or the couple taking a ceramic class together. Consider porcelain vases, tea sets, figurines, keepsake, jewellery or music box. For the home, consider a set of porcelain china, serving platters and a pitcher. There are also porcelain or ceramic mugs or plates that can be personalised with a special message, such as "The worlds greatest wife." Other items to consider a porcelain doll to add to her collection or a porcelain business card holder for him. The couple may reconsider remodelling their bathroom in porcelain.

Garnet-Themed Gifts

The garnet is considered the traditional gift for an 18th wedding anniversary. Jewellery ideas include garnet stud earrings, gemstone bracelet, necklaces, men's pinky ring, cuff links or tie tacks. Alternatively give her a porcelain brooch adorned with garnets to combine the traditional with the modern. Think of gifts that would resemble the colour garnet such as aged fine red wine, red lingerie, towels or matching bathrobes. For a more elaborate gift considering visiting Prague, known as the home of garnets.

Cat's Eye

The gemstone chrysoberyl, also known as the cat's eye, is the alternative gift for the 18th wedding anniversary. Some cultures believed the cat's eye brought good fortune. The gem is characterised by bands that seem to move like cats eyes and can be found in various colours such as pink, green, honey and golden brown. Gift ideas include matching his and her rings. The cat's eye can stand alone or be set in just about any type of jewellery. Consider a cat's eye charm, earrings, cuff links or key rings. Other ideas include a cat's eye heart pendant or tie tack.


There are no flowers associated with the 18th wedding anniversary. Consider giving your bride a bouquet of her favourite flowers or 18 long-stemmed red roses. Alternatively, purchase a porcelain vase decorated in garnets or cat's eye gems with the same flowers she used in her wedding bouquet. Another idea is to purchase a plant in a porcelain pot.

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