Problems With Ford Multi-CD Player

Written by michael davidson | 13/05/2017
Problems With Ford Multi-CD Player
Ford multi-CD players can present a multitude of problems. (auto mp3 player image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

CD players have become standard in most modern automobiles. In fact, many cars now have CD players that accommodate multiple discs. While multi-CD players can be fun for long car trips and convenient for drivers, they can also be problematic. Ford has had issues with multi-CD players in several of its models.

Eating CDs

CD players sometimes accept CDs but will not eject them. This has been an issue with the Ford Focus and other models and can happen for several reasons. A burnt CD could have a label that sticks the disc inside the player. Or a gear in the player could be out of position or be broken. There are several ways to eject stuck CDs. Try pressing "load" and "eject" at the same time. You can pull also a CD from some players if the unit has been removed. Check your owner's manual for advice.

Unable to Play

Some CD players in Mustangs will spit out discs. The CD will seem to load normally but then strange sounds will come from the speakers. The sounds stop after a few seconds and the disc is ejected. You will probably need to replace the entire system.


Many Ford vehicles, especially Mustangs with a "Shaker 500" sound system, have problems with CDs skipping and causing an error message on the LCD screen. This is another instance where the stereo will likely need to be replaced.

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