How do I Fix a 2003 Saab 9-3 CD Player?

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Saab is a Swedish auto and aircraft maker based in the city of Trollhättan. If you experience trouble with the CD player in your Saab 9-3, you can run through a number of troubleshooting steps to try and resolve or identify the cause of the problem.

Some of the most common car stereo problems involve damaged CDs, blown fuses or software problems. Allow roughly 10 minutes for this task.

Check the basics first. Make sure your car ignition is switched on, and the stereo is set to "CD" mode. If the stereo will not take a CD, make sure a disc is not already inside the stereo. Make sure the volume is turned up loud enough to be heard, and the CD in the drive is a music disc.

Make sure the temperature inside the car is within the stereo's operating range. Extremely hot or cold cars can cause the CD player to experience problems. Allow your car to cool down or warm up, respectively, before trying to use the CD player.

Try using a clean store-bought CD. Errors in the writing process of home-made CDs can make some discs unreadable to car stereos and other CD players. If the store-bought CD plays properly, you should burn another copy of your CD. Make sure the CD is free of scratches before putting it in the CD player.

Switch to radio mode. If you can hear sound through the speakers, you can rule out problems with the speaker cable and power supply. If you do not hear sound, you may have problems with your stereo wiring. In that case, take your 9-3 to your local Saab dealer for repair.

Purchase a CD lens cleaner if unscratched CDs skip in the CD player. Over time, dust can build up on the CD player's lens, causing problems reading disks. CD lens cleaners are available from many audio and hardware stores.

Check the fuses. If a fuse has blown, the stereo will not receive power even when the car is running. Other electronics may be unaffected. Consult your car owner's manual to find the fuse box, and a listing of which fuse connects to what component. Replacement fuses are available from most hardware stores.