"Armor of God" Crafts for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Children often understand their Bible lessons better when they are able to have a hands-on model to illustrate. The Armor of God object lesson is a good diagram to help children understand how God is infused in their lives and how following His word will help and protect them. (see resources 1)

Before You Start

To understand these crafts a bit better, it may be important to know what components make up the Armor of God, since the crafts below use them. Essentially, each piece simply has the word "righteousness," "truth," "spirit," "faith," "gospel" or "salvation" written on it. Therefore, the belt of truth, for instance, is simply a belt with the word "truth" written on it.

Armour of God Paper Craft

Even preschoolers can do this simple project with little assistance. For this craft, children draw the body of a boy or girl. On a separate piece of paper, they can draw individual pieces: the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the sword of the spirit, the shield of faith, shoes of the gospel and the helmet of salvation. Have them colour the pieces and then cut them out; then they will attach the pieces of armour to the boy or girl figure they drew. If you would prefer, or if it would be easier, DLTK has a template of a boy's body and the individual pieces of armour in either black and white (which the children can colour) or colour. (see references 1)

Armour of God Balloon

This craft will give children a three-dimensional armour of God "friend" they can play with later. Have the children draw the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the sword of the spirit, the shield of faith, shoes of the gospel and the helmet of salvation on a piece of paper. Instruct them to colour the pieces and decorate them with whatever materials you provide, then cut out their pieces. Alternatively, provides a template of these pieces, where you would only need to provide silver or grey paper on which to print them. (see references 2) Turn the balloon upside-down (so that the larger part is facing the table), and have the children tape the pieces of armour to the balloon. When they're done, have them either tape or glue it to a piece of paper so that the balloon does not roll away from them. (See references 2)

God's Armor - Self Portrait

This craft will give children a life-size armour of God to take home with them. Using butcher paper, cut out large shapes (approximately the size of a child's belt and children's shoes) for a belt and shoes and let the children decorate them. Roll out a large piece of butcher paper (large enough for children to trace their entire bodies). One at a time, have each child lay down on the butcher paper and have a partner trace the outline of his or her body. When they are done, they'll need to cut out their outline and write their names on the back of it. Let them make a breastplate of righteousness and helmet of salvation from aluminium foil. Make the sword from construction paper, and guide the children in attaching the pieces to their outline. Create a realistically-sized shield out of poster board and attach a handle to it. When you're done displaying these in the room, the children can take them home. (see references 3)

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