German Crafts for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Crafts are beneficial for children for a number of reasons. Crafts allow for the development of fine motor skills and creative expression. They also promote listening skills, as children have to follow directions in order to know what they are supposed to do. They allow for a bonding experience between parents or teachers and children. Crafts can also aide in the comprehension of different topics. For example, if you are teaching children about Germany, they can learn about the unique culture and traditions of the country by making craft projects.

German Flag

Have children create a German flag out of construction paper. For this craft, you will need one piece of black, red and gold construction paper per child. You will also need one scissor and one straw per child, as well as glue and a stapler. Hand out the construction paper to children. Have them fold each piece in half and open it up, creating a seam down the middle. Use the scissors to cut down the seams. Each child should have three equal sized pieces of black, gold and red construction paper. The remaining halves can be used for backup, in case an accident happens. Have the children line the pieces of paper up, with the black piece on top, the red in the middle and the gold on the bottom so that they overlap a little. Place a few dots of glue on each piece, where they overlap, and glue them together. Once they dry, attach the sides of the flags to the straws with staples.

Windmill Toiletpaper Tubes

Windmills are a very common energy source used in Germany. In fact, until 2007, Germany created the most wind power of any country, worldwide. Have children create windmills out of toilet paper tubes. Collect enough toilet paper tubes so that each child has one. You will also need a hole puncher, one straw per child and one craft brad per child, as well as markers and a scissor. Have each child decorate their windmill with windows and a door using the markers. Use the hole puncher to punch a hole in about one quarter of the way down the toilet paper tube. Cut the straws in half and criss-cross them on top of each other so that they form an X. Punch a hole in the centre of the X. Place the craft brad in the hole that you formed in the straws and then attach the straws to the toilet paper tube with the same brad. When finished, children will have a replica of a windmill with blades that move.

Wurfkastanien (Throwing Chestnuts)

Children can play a traditional German game, called Wurfkastanien, after they make this craft. For this craft, you will need one chestnut per child, pieces of different coloured crepe paper cut about 20 inches long, a small piece of string and a small screwdriver. The large end of a carrot can be used in lieu of chestnuts. Prior to making the craft, puncture a hole in the chestnuts or carrots. Have children feed the piece of string through the hole. Next, the select two pieces of crepe paper. Have them lay the pieces of crepe paper on top of each other and fold in half. The crepe paper is then tied to the chestnut or carrot with the piece of string that was fed through. Once the craft is complete, have children play with their Wurfkastanien by attempting to throw it in a bucket that is placed about 10 feet away from them.

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