Ideas for a Grease themed birthday party

Updated April 17, 2017

Ideas for a "Grease" themed birthday party focus on re-creating the look and feel of the 1950s. "Grease" is a classic film about school romance in the '50s, with singing, dancing, motorcycles, malts and bowling. Your party location should have an area large enough to fit tables and chairs for all the guests to eat, as well as a dance floor where everyone can dance. You'll also want some sort of kitchen access for setting up or serving refreshments.


A "Grease" themed birthday party can use any invitation with an American '50s style. As long as the invitation includes a request that everyone dress up in "Grease" or 50s fashions, guests will get the point. A basic white card with a stylised black silhouette of a girl in a poodle skirt creates a simple invitation. Other ideas include a record-shaped card with "Happy Birthday" written on the label area or a '50s motorcycle-shaped card.


Any "Grease" pictures or posters are ideal decorations for a "Grease" themed birthday party. Black, record-shaped cardboard cutouts with colourful labels can become dangling ceiling decorations. Cardboard musical notes, jukeboxes, guitars, records, cars and motorcycles make colourful wall decorations. Balloon arches outlining the dance floor and any doorways, red-and-white checkered tablecloths and colourful balloon clusters secured in milkshake glasses could round out the decorations.


Cheeseburgers and fries are an ideal choice for a "Grease" themed birthday party. Serve deluxe cheeseburgers and chilli-cheese fries for a sit-down dinner or mini "slider" cheeseburgers and plain fries for a buffet. You can also provide hot dogs, chilli-cheese dogs, pizza, tater tots and coleslaw. Offer a variety of sweet drinks, such as malts, milkshakes, root beer floats, vanilla cola and cherry cola.

A "Grease" themed birthday cake can be as simple or elaborate as desired. A chocolate sheet cake decorated to look like a gym floor and topped with marzipan characters from the movie creates a fancy style. A round cake covered with dark chocolate frosting and decorated with an icing record label creates a classic style.


The "Grease" soundtrack is a vital entertainment item for the themed birthday party. Use the soundtrack for dancing and background music. Play other popular American '50s music as well, such as Elvis, The Platters and Chuck Berry. Hold a sock-hop dance-off and a twist dance-off, as well as regular dancing, to entertain guests.

Throw a Hula-Hoop contest, an Elvis-impersonation contest and a bubble-blowing contest to entertain guests at the "Grease" birthday party. Set up several plastic bowling sets to throw a team-bowling tournament or rent a karaoke machine for a singing contest. Give each contest winner a prize, such as a plastic candy dispenser topped with an Elvis head.

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