Fireplace Candle Ideas

Written by roz zurko | 13/05/2017
Fireplace Candle Ideas
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The dark concave hole of a fireplace is the perfect area to display candlelight. It is one of the safest locations in your home to place candles because it was made to contain fires. Use other reflective surfaces to accentuate the lights from the candles and recreate the focal point that the fireplace was originally meant to be. Use these fireplace candle ideas for parties, a romantic evening or even for everyday family enjoyment. Once you get used to the clean and easy candlelight glow in your fireplace, you may never want a wood fire again.

Tiers of Tea Lights

A quick and easy way to add an inexpensive grouping of candles to your fireplace is with tea lights. Place the tea lights at different heights to make the grouping interesting. Arrange short, medium and tall clear drinking glasses turned upside down throughout the floor of your fireplace opening and place a tea light on top of each one. This is a great way to have fire for aesthetics in warmer weather or as a quick decorative idea when hosting a get together.

Every Candle in the House

Ecliptic arrangements of candles work well inside a fireplace opening. Use all the candle holders you can find around your home from the tall taper holders to short votives and arrange them throughout the fireplace floor.

Mirrored Pillar Candles

Lean a few mirror tiles or a small wall mirror against the back of the fireplace opening. In front of the mirrors place four or five plain white pillar candles that are sitting on top of saucers. Use pillars of all different sizes, both in height and thickness. When this grouping is lit, it will give the illusion of double the candlelight.

Floating Candles

Use a large, clear glass punch bowl and fill it with water that is tinted with blue food colouring. Place floating candles inside this bowl and put it inside your fireplace opening. Place a few champagne glasses around the bowl filled with the same coloured water and one floating candle. Your friends will not only be amazed at your creativity, but the fire and water reflections will keep them mesmerised, just as a roaring fire would.

Coloured Votives

Pick up some inexpensive mirrored tiles and place them on the floor of your fireplace. Place multicoloured votive candle holders on top of the mirrors. Once lit, the lights will resemble the colours in Christmas lights. This arrangement works well for the holidays or any other time you want to bring in some colour to your candlelit fireplace.

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