The history of the Beatrice Twin Kerosene Stove

vyaskn/iStock/Getty Images

Also referred to as a boiling stove, the Beatrice Twin Kerosene Stove first arrived on the scene in the early 1900s. Using a flat wick, it provided the necessary heat for cooking.


According to Miles Stairs' Wick Shop, an early Beatrice stove made in the Beatrice Foundry in 1901 had an enamelled cast iron base. A later Harper Beatrice model was manufactured in Staffordshire, England, in the mid-1900s by John Harper and Company, Ltd. Both are similar in design and are odour free when burning.


As a cooking stove, the Beatrice Twin Kerosene could boil a teakettle of water in as little as 10 minutes with little soot or other residue. Its size made it popular for cooking during the summer months, removing the need for lighting a wood burning stove.


While best know for its cooking uses, the Beatrice stove was also capable of heating a small room.

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