Which charities pick up donations?

Updated April 17, 2017

In spite of rising fuel costs, many large charities continue to pick up donations. Some charities pick up anything from automobiles to clothing (Salvation Army), while others reserve pickups for large, unwieldy items that are difficult for an individual to move (Goodwill). Although some charities allow for online pickup registration, many of them prefer to arrange for pickup services with donors over the telephone.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) will pick up household goods and clothing donations in 30 states, including most states on the East and West coasts. Prospective donors must call the number associated with their home state and arrange a pickup. VVA does not accept furniture, broken items or any other large items. The organisation does accept small furniture pieces. If in doubt, donors should ask when calling to arrange a pickup. VVA cannot enter houses, apartments or garages, so donors should leave items on kerbsides or other accessible areas. VVA also asks that donors clearly mark boxes and bags with "VVA."


Goodwill Industries International, Inc. will pick up large furniture and other heavy or awkward items in some locations. Donors should call the nearest Goodwill facility to inquire about pickups. Goodwill does not pick up small items, such as clothing and housewares. These items should be dropped off at a Goodwill retail store location or a specified drop-off location.

The Salvation Army

Donors should call The Salvation Army at 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825). The Salvation Army accepts furniture, household goods, clothing, appliances and automobiles. Some areas also qualify for online scheduling of a pickup. Donors should refer to the Salvation Army's website to determine if the Salvation Army allows for Internet scheduling.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart offers a pickup service for donors. The charity accepts household goods (except often-recalled baby items, such as car seats, cribs and high chairs), as well as automobiles. Donors wishing to give an automobile to the organisation should call 1-888-414-GIVE (4483). All others must arrange for pickup via Purple Heart's Pick Up website. Donors must contribute "several bags or boxes" in order to cover the pickup truck's various costs (insurance, maintenance, fuel, etc.), and they should properly mark boxes and bags with "Purple Heart."

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