How to Get Rid of Spiders Coming Up Through the Drain Pipes

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

"Itsy Bitsy Spider" may have climbed up the rain spout, but spiders found in the sink or bathtub didn't actually get their by climbing up the drain, at least that's what Rod Crawford from Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture, has to say.

Spiders, he explains, gravitate to the sink or bathtub to get water, but are unable to climb back out because of the slippery porcelain and often remain in the sink until a human comes along. Keeping spiders out of your sink or bathtub requires ridding your home of them.

Clean up around the foundation of your home. Remove wood, bushes and other debris that provide a hiding place for spiders. Keeping the areas around the home free of spiders means fewer spiders trying to crawl into your home.

Seal cracks around the foundation of your home. Check around doors, windows and screens for a secure fit. Seal any cracks and repair holes to prevent spiders from gaining access to your home.

Remove spider webs around the outside of your home. Use a broom or long handled brush to wipe them away.

Eliminate clutter, especially piles of paperwork or books inside the home. These provide the perfect hiding place for spiders since they easily crawl between loose papers to hide.

Vacuum all cracks around windows and doors on a regular basis. This includes the ceiling and around exposed wooden structures, such as wooden beams. Don't forget to get behind doors and in dark corners where spiders may hide.