Ideas for a Pandora Necklace

Updated February 21, 2017

Pandora is a jewelery brand that is highly customisable due to the use of charms on bracelets and necklaces. Individual charms, spacers and beads can be purchased that fit onto Pandora necklaces. Each necklace can be created by the individual consumer to reflect a specific taste, or to invoke memories.

Colour Coordinated

Choose beads and charms that fit your favourite colour. For example, if you like blue, choose blue Murano glass beads, blue enamel beads and blue stone charms. Combining charms and beads of different textures keeps a monochromatic necklace visually interesting.


To create a rainbow necklace, choose a variety of coloured beads and charms. Arrange the colours according to a rainbow, or mix them up for a colourful necklace.


Choose beads and charms that have a special meaning for certain times in your life. Pandora offers charms specific to weddings, babies, children, home buying and other life events. Purchasing charms to commemorate special moments in your life is a sentimental way to create a necklace.


Pandora offers many charms that are holiday specific. Choose pumpkin charms with orange beads for a Halloween necklace. Green and red beads combine with snowman charms for a Christmas look. Heart charms with red, pink and white beads are perfect for Valentine's day.


Change the colours of beads to match the season. Choose deep blue and bright white to reflect the snow of winter. Pinks, greens and purples are appropriate for spring flowers.


Use heart charms and alphabet charms to spell out the name of a loved one on your Pandora necklace. Use a Pandora necklace to propose by spelling a proposal and giving the necklace as a gift.


Let your personality shine by selecting charms that reflect your tastes. Select charms in the shape of your favourite animals, flowers, foods and objects. The end result will be a necklace that reflects your style.

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