Giraffe Tattoo Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Many people love exotic animals, especially tropical ones. Tropical animals tend to have brighter colours and more interesting features than animals living in seasonal and temperate areas. As a result, animals are often the subject of tattoos.

One popular tattoo choice is the giraffe. Its long neck is a source of fascination for many while others find it graceful. It is also often depicted in art as a part of the African landscape, so those that love the African savannah may love the giraffe as well and choose it as a tattoo to represent that love.

Intertwined Giraffes

Giraffes have very long necks that many artists like to depict twisting and bending in directions that they could never move in reality. As a result, giraffes with their necks intertwined have become a popular symbol for love.

A tattoo could consist of an adult giraffe and a baby giraffe to represent familial love. Another idea consists of two adult giraffes with intertwined necks and a sunset on the savannah in the background to represent romantic love. In these depictions, a girl giraffe might have a small pink bow on one of her horns. Yet another tattoo representing romantic love could be two giraffes with intertwined necks that form a heart at the top where the giraffes' lips meet in a kiss.

These tattoos often look best on the back of the neck, the lower back and the shoulders, especially if they are small.

Tribal Giraffes

Tribal tattoos are usually done only in black and white with thick, interlocking lines.

A tribal giraffe would have amorphous black spots, thick horns and a spiky mane along its overextended neck. The neck could be bent so the giraffe makes eye contact with those inspecting it or it could be looking up at a cluster of black leaves hanging from a slender, tribal-style tree. The giraffe could either just be the head and neck with spiky, black grasses blowing in an invisible wind at the bottom or it could be the whole giraffe standing with a swishing tail or even drinking from a stream.

Since these tattoos are black and white and very stylised, they make good choices for first tattoos. They also look best on the bicep, along the ribcage, at the back of the neck or on the outside of one's calf.

Cartoon Giraffes

These giraffes completely break the rules of reality and science, both in looks and actions. The edges are often imprecise, giving the giraffe a soft, cuddly look. Cartoon giraffes also often have very human expressions of sadness, happy grins, confused faces or very angry snarls. Cartoon giraffes can be show driving cars, doing a swan dive into a tropical savannah oasis or chatting with other giraffes. They can even wear clothing. Use your imagination; perhaps your giraffe could be an animal representation of yourself and be wearing your favourite outfit.

Since these tattoos look best in colour and don't stand alone very well as art pieces, this choice is best for those with other tattoos that fit in well with cartoon giraffes. Depending on your choice and how large your selection is, these tattoos look good anywhere on the body.

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