Platinum anniversary gifts for men

Updated April 17, 2017

The gift of platinum is traditionally given on the anniversary of 20 years of marriage. While this may seem more applicable to a gift purchased for the wife, there are many options incorporating platinum a man would enjoy as well. Use his interests for inspiration and research ways to translate this into a platinum gift he will treasure for the next 20 years of marriage.


A platinum tie tack, pair of cuff links or even a money clip is an elegant choice he will likely use when dressing up for a special occasion, or merely as a reminder of the last two decades spent together when worn. Engrave the date of your wedding, his initials or simply the number 20. A more extravagant accessory to consider is a new, platinum watch or a sophisticated pocket watch.

Beer or Wine

For the beer drinker, a platinum beer mug would be an ideal gift and will give an elegant feel to any draft. For the wine enthusiast, a platinum wine topper would be ideal. If desired, engrave your wedding anniversary on your selection, or the number 20, as a reminder of the achievement of 20 happy years of marriage. To create a gift ensemble, add a 12 pack of his favourite beers, or a favourite bottle of wine to the cup or topper.

Cigar Case

For a man who enjoys a fine cigar now and then, a platinum cigar case would be a special and exquisite choice for an anniversary gift. This allows him a classy location to store his cigars and also will impress his buddies when he chooses to offer them one. Engrave his initials or your wedding date on the case. For a more detailed inscription, choose a line from a meaningful poem or even a lyric from your wedding song. Add some of his favourite cigars to round out the gift and even a platinum lighter.

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