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Instructions for the Casio Illuminator AW-80

Updated February 21, 2017

The Casio Illuminator AW-80 is a sport watch that displays analogue and digital time. You can program the watch to display two different times for two different times zones. In addition to keeping time, this watch is water resistant up to 50 meters and has a 10-year battery life. There are different directions for programming analogue and digital times.

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  1. Press the bottom left knob six times to enter the "Hand Setting Mode."

  2. Hold down the top left knob until the digital time display begins flashing.

  3. Press the bottom right knob to adjust the time. Each time this knob is pressed, the time will adjust by 20 seconds. You can hold down the knob to advance the time faster.

  4. Press the top left knob to exit the setting screen.

  5. Hold down the top left knob until the seconds display starts to flash.

  6. Press the bottom left knob to scroll through setting options. Press this knob once to adjust the seconds, twice for daylight savings time, three times for hour, four times for minutes, five times to change the year, six times to adjust the month and seven times to change the date.

  7. Press the top right knob to change the setting option. Keep pressing this knob to scroll through the options. For example, if the watch is set at 10 minutes and you need it set at 15, you would press this knob five times.

  8. Press the top left knob to exit the setting screen.

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