Race Track Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Thrill any racing enthusiast on their special day with a racetrack birthday cake. Racetrack cakes are generally simple to make and don't require any special equipment or advanced cake decorating skills. Choose cakes and frosting in the recipient's favourite flavours when possible to ensure that your racetrack cake brings home the checkered flag.

Figure-Eight Race Track Cake

A figure eight racetrack cake is simple to make and the shape makes it perfect for an 8th birthday. Bake your cake in two 9-inch, round pans. Cut a small curve out of one edge of one cake so that the cakes fit together snugly to form a number eight. Frost the cakes with any flavour of frosting and then add crushed chocolate sandwich cookies to create the racetrack, as recommended at Cover the remaining areas of the cake with green tinted coconut to represent grass around the track. Finish the cake by adding a few new toy race cars that have been thoroughly washed in soap and water.

Race car Cake

Transform a loaf cake into a race car with frosting, candy and cookies, as suggested at Pound cakes are often available at grocery stores in loaf shapes or you can bake one prepared cake mix in a loaf pan. Place the cake onto a cake board and trim away the top front of the cake to create a basic race car shape. Frost the entire cake with frosting tinted to the birthday child's favourite colour. Press round cookies into the sides of the cake to represent wheels. Pipe a windshield and windows on with black decorating frosting and add candies as desired to create lights and decals. To make the racetrack, use crushed chocolate cookies or black frosting to create the look of a road on the cake board, underneath the car cake.

Racetrack Cake

Decorate a sheet cake with an oval-shaped track for a realistic-looking racetrack cake, as recommended at Start by covering the entire cake with white frosting. Pipe a track shape onto the centre of the cake with grey or black frosting. Gray frosting is created by adding black food colouring to white frosting while adding black food colouring to chocolate frosting will render black frosting. Sprinkle green-tinted coconut or green edible glitter around the track to represent grass. Add a few new, clean toy race cars and checked flags to complete the cake. If you have the time and skill, pipe black and white frosting onto the sides of the cake using a star tip to create a checkered flag pattern.

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