Fish Cake Decorating Ideas

A cake decorated with fish made out of candy treats and icing will not only please a sweet tooth but will also delight fish enthusiasts and their friends and family. Take a plain cake and turn it into a comical or realistic-looking fish to enhance the decor of any party. Use your cake-decorating skills to make your next fish-themed cake a success.

Fishing Cake

Make a fun fishing cake to celebrate a boy's birthday, or use it to commemorate a successful fishing expedition. Use a boat-shaped cake pan to make the base for the cake. Spread yellow or brown buttercream icing over the bottom boat area with an icing knife. Create a sail by gluing a triangle of parchment paper to a white straw and inserting it into the cake. Use flesh-coloured icing to create the outline of a couple of fishermen in the boat. Place toothpicks in the hands of the fishermen, and tie a small length of black liquorice rope to use as fishing poles. Arrange a couple of gummy fish at the end of the poles to indicate their "catch."

Buttercream Fish

For a professional look, use the fill-in method to decorate a shaped cake. Fit a pastry bag with a small star tip and fill with 1/2 cup of coloured buttercream icing. Starting at the nose of your fish cake, hold the bag vertically over, but not touching the cake. Gently squeeze the bag to form a small star on the cake. Lift directly up and away to separate the stream of icing from the star. Reposition your bag so the points of the star fit in with the previously piped star. Repeat over the surface of the cake, changing colours as needed.

Candy Fish

Perfect for someone whose sweet tooth won't simply be satisfied with a slice of cake, a cake decorated with frosting and candy might pacify sugar cravings. Cut the corners off of a 13-by-9-inch sheet cake, forming an oval. Use the cut scraps to form the fins and tail of the fish. With an icing knife, cover the surface of your fish with light blue buttercream icing. Use a contrasting colour, such as orange or yellow, to decorate the fins and tail of the fish. Use sugar wafers to create the scales of the fish, placing them in overlapping rows, starting from the fin and extending down to the tail of the fish. Place chocolate cookie in the front of the fish for an eye, and use a gummy fish to create a mouth.

Rolled Fondant Fish

Cut out a fish shape from a sheet cake with a sharp knife. Dust a flat work surface with confectioner's sugar, and place a medium-size ball of fondant on it. Dust a rolling pin with the icing sugar, and roll the fondant 1/8 inch thin. Drape the fondant over the fish, tucking it around the shape and stretching it to create a smooth surface. Use a toothpick or vein tool to create texture lines for the fins, eyes and mouth shapes. With a small paintbrush, add details of the fish with food colouring. Let the fish dry, and then place it on top of a frosted cake.

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