School Democracy Games for Kids

Updated March 21, 2017

Learning about democracy is pivotal for schoolchildren who live in a democratic country. In order for children to grow up to become conscious and aware citizens who will understand the importance of participating in their country's democratic processes, they must understand how their government works and how citizens elect officials and leaders. Playing games in the classroom can help students achieve that objective.

Democracy or Democracy 2

Democracy and Democracy 2 are variations of the same simulation game for older children and adults. You can purchase this computer game and install it on classroom computers to allow students to play it during free time or computer time. In the game, students begin as the president of a fictional country. Using strategy and the principles of democracy, students must keep the country's residents happy. Democracy 2 also covers a wide range of political issues such as stem cell research, health care and civil rights.

Hail to the Chief

In Hail to the Chief, kids ages 10 and up move around the game board as they try to gain electoral votes and become president of the United States. As students move forward, they must answer questions, available in four levels of difficulty, about the United States' democratic process, the Constitution, past presidents of the United States, history and geography. This board game can be purchased for classrooms and played in small groups.

DemGames offers students the opportunity to campaign for president through the game "Captain Campaign." In this flash-based web game, perfect for computer time or rainy day breaks, students compete against a virtual opponent in order to gain popularity for their presidency. Students must decide whether they support or are against certain policies and use strategy to help them ultimately win the support of their populace.

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