The Positive Effects of Cell Phones on Society

Updated February 06, 2018

Ever since the early 1990s when cell phone use became widespread, the devices have had a major impact on society. While some effects have been negative, such as the practice of driving while talking on cell phones, they have also had many positive effects. Cell phones can facilitate communication and help family and friends keep in close contact. They have also played a positive role in the operation of businesses.

Peace of Mind

Cell phones offer parents the peace of mind that they can contact their kids at any time. They can also feel better knowing that their kids can either contact them or the authorities in the event of an emergency situation. People who travel for a living can feel better knowing that if their vehicle breaks down and they become stranded, help is just a quick phone call away.

Keeping in Touch

Friends and family members who live far apart can easily keep in touch via cell phone. You don't have to worry about not being at home since the cell phone can go where you go. Kids who are away at college can keep their parents informed of their progress and spouses who are separated due to a lengthy business trip can stay in frequent contact.


Cell phones can make a difference on how business is conducted. Salespeople can get back to customers more quickly and can conduct business from virtually anywhere. A manager of a fleet of commercial vehicles can easily stay in touch with his drivers and alert them to last-minute changes in a delivery schedule, even if they are in a hotel or have stopped for a bite to eat.

Social Networking

Cell phones can contribute to one's ability to network and to broadcast a message to the masses. For example, you can use your cell phone's text message feature to send and received messages via social networking websites such as Twitter, so you can communicate with large groups of people without the need to be near a computer.

Information Exchange

Much like the Internet, cell phones increase the ability to exchange and spread information. People with cell phones can spread the word about an important or newsworthy incident as it occurs, giving people the sense of always being "in the loop." Camera phones can enhance this exchange of information by adding a visual element.

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