15 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Being married for 15 years is a milestone that should be celebrated. Choose a special gift your husband, parents, grandparents, other family, or friends will enjoy when shopping for a 15-year anniversary gift for them. Keep the traditional and modern themes in mind when shopping. Watches are a modern theme, and crystal is the traditional theme for the 15-year wedding anniversary. Be creative and crafty when you purchase this gift; sometimes the extra time and thought go a long way.

Crystal Gifts

When looking for a gift made of crystal for one person, the options include flowers, bowls, jewellery, vases, key chains, pens, and other items. You can also purchase a gift for the couple that both parties will enjoy, such as a crystal clock. You can also get diamond cufflinks, a bracelet, or a crystal figurine in the shape of an animal. With jewellery, not everyone wants jewels made of crystal. And if you have difficulties finding the perfect item made of crystal, use a diamond substitution.

Watches and Clocks

The 15-year anniversary is a time to remember, so stick to the modern theme and purchase a wrist watch. Each time your spouse looks down to check the time, she can remember that milestone anniversary and the beautiful gift you surprised her with. Alarm or wall clocks, sports,and vintage or dress watches are some of the different alternate modern gifts to purchase. Think outside of the box and incorporate both the modern and traditional theme with a crystal clock. Personalise this crystal clock with the name of the couple, the wedding date, and any other special inscription that is appropriate for the gift.

Creative and Crafty Gift Ideas

Be crafty when choosing your husband’s anniversary gift. Sometimes it’s the little things he cherishes the most. Give him a day of being pampered, starting with a home-made card. When he wakes up, he can open the card and read the poem you have written for him, details of the day you proposed to him, or any other moment you have shared over your 15 years of marriage. Then, surprise him with breakfast-in-bed, complete with a rose (the traditional flower for the 15-year wedding anniversary) inside a crystal vase. Take it further by replacing regular household items, such as toiletries, with items that are personalised for an anniversary. If he is a sports fan, purchase the unique home-run baseball, with the inscription of “You Hit A Homerun With Me.” Anniversary bears and picture frames are other gifts you can surprise him with on this day.

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