The Sweetest Things You Can Say to a Girl

Written by alan bass | 13/05/2017
The Sweetest Things You Can Say to a Girl
Saying sweet things to a girl is sure to make her feel good. (girlfriend image by Andrey Kiselev from

Men often look for whatever advice they can find when dealing with girls--especially when looking for ways to make their girlfriend feel special. It can be as simple as buying them a bouquet of flowers, or just saying the right thing. Knowing the right words to say when talking to a girl can help her understand how much you truly appreciate her.

Togetherness Sentiments

A girl needs to understand that you honestly enjoy spending time with her, and that you look forward to hanging out with her. "I love every moment with you," is a good way to express this sentiment.

Express Feelings

In addition to being complimented and told how much you appreciate her, explaining your feelings to a girl builds rapport between the two of you. When you open up and tell her she makes you feel good, it makes her time with you more enjoyable. "You make me so happy," is one way to say this.


One of the best things to say to a girl is to compliment her, specifically on her appearance. Contrary to popular belief, some girls do not like hearing that they are "hot." Telling her how beautiful she looks can bring a smile and give her a greater appreciation for you.

Women Want to be Needed

After compliments, women enjoy feeling wanted and needed. If you can communicate to her how much you need her in your life, she will likey smile and thank you, and possibly even say it back. "I don't know what I would do without you," implies that she is valuable to your happiness.

Express Your Needs

A girl appreciates knowing how much you enjoy being with her, in addition to communicating that you need her in your life. "I'm so lonely without you," tells her you think about her when you are apart.

Recognise Humor

With the man often being the one cracking jokes, it helps to let a girl know that you think she has a great sense of humour. It can make her feel more confident when talking to you, and shows appreciation for her humorous side. "I love the way you make me laugh," illustrates that you enjoy time with her.

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