The Advantages of a Bungalow House

Updated March 23, 2017

A bungalow is a single-story house, the design of which originated in India. It is usually small and has a roof of straw, palm leaves or a similar natural material; most also feature a veranda. The British adopted the style into their summerhouses in the 1600s and the bungalow later became famous in America with a high-status connotation. The bungalows of today have evolved: Although the houses in the early decades were big, modern bungalows typically feature smaller living spaces. Bungalows offer many advantages to the occupants of these distinctive homes.


Bungalows are not restrictive as far as modifications are concerned. Space can easily be added by building an extension. Bungalows can also easily be converted into a two-story house.

A bungalow offers a lot of room for renovation as space requirements changes. This level of flexibility does not exist in apartments and condominium units.


Living in a single-story bungalow is convenient for homeowners with limited mobility or accessibility issues.


Maintaining a bungalow is affordable. Because of its moderate and open space, they have fairly modest heating and cooling requirements. Air conditioning and heating costs are typically lower when compared to other types of properties with high ceilings or multiple floors.

Good Investment

The property value of bungalow homes is not likely to decline. This architectural style has withstood the test of time, and a well-maintained house will have a higher resale value even during hard times. Its unique look is often a good selling point compared to recent development properties, many of which look the same.

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