18th birthday present ideas for a best friend

A person's 18th birthday represents a rite of passage. It means moving out of childhood and into adulthood, and is marked by celebrations with family and friends and gifts. Give your best friend a gift that reflects the warmth of friendship and an understanding of how important this milestone birthday is.

Digital Picture Frame

Pictures can remind your best friend of important events and people in her life. For an 18-year-old, there are few relationships more important than the one with her best friend. Pictures that capture your memories built together stand as testaments to this. The digital picture frame provides an interesting variation on the "photos as gifts" theme. It allows you to upload many pictures to the frame, and then it rotates at regular intervals. This prevents you from having to decide which picture best represents your many years of friendship.

Ropes Course

If your best friend is the adventurous sort, a gift that demonstrates this rite of passage seems appropriate. Many areas around the United States have ropes courses located within a couple of hours of the major metropolitan areas. These courses push a person to push himself both physically and mentally. They challenge people's ingrained fears, their assumptions about themselves and their physical limits. Ropes courses provide a number of different types of challenges ranging from overcoming a fear of heights to developing trust of your teammates--skills necessary for the new 18-year-old to navigate in adulthood.

Road Trip

A road trip offers you and your best friend a little bit more time to connect with the childhoods you're leaving behind as well as the opportunity to reach into the future by experiencing new things. Typically, the summer between the end of high school and the beginning of college represents the time that friends pack up and go abroad together. However, even a trip to a local historical site a couple of hundred miles away offers mental and spiritual refreshment and maybe more importantly, a bit more time for the two of you to experience your friendship without the responsibilities of adulthood.

Oh, The Places You'll Go

For people of all ages, Dr. Seuss represents the best of children's literature. However, in 1990, he penned a book intended for young people on the brink of adulthood called "Oh, The Places You'll Go." It speaks of the unique challenges that people face as they move from being kids to being adults and encourages readers to meet their new challenges head on. If your best friend is a book lover, she'll likely receive many books for her birthday. However, this book represents something special. It acknowledges she's leaving childhood, but that she's allowed to keep her youthful optimism no matter how old she gets.

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