Scary pop up games to play

Written by lee morgan
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Scary pop up games to play
Scare your friends with a pop up gag. (scared Asian image by Frenk_Danielle Kaufmann from

Online pop up scare games are actually more of a prank than a real game, but they can provide a hearty laugh for those watching the victim of the prank. Endless examples of online videos demonstrate the effect of pop up scares associated with these games that are often sent as e-mail links to unsuspecting friends and family. These pranks are disguised as games to lure the player in, elevating his concentration just before a disturbing image and loud sound make him jump out of his seat.

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The Maze

The Maze is a game that challenges the player to use the computer mouse to guide a tiny dot through a tight maze to a finish line. If the player veers off the maze path, the game ends. This frustrating game is just addictive enough to keep a player trying for a few minutes to reach the finish line, only to be challenged with a slightly tougher maze in the second level.

At a random point during the game when the player has really got comfortable with the game, a sudden screen change reveals the up-close face of a character from the movie The Exorcist and a loud blood-curdling scream. This surprise is sure to evoke a funny response and possibly a little anger. A version of the game can be found on

Where's Waldo

Everyone is familiar with the Where's Waldo games and books. In the books, the reader tries to locate Waldo, an odd looking guy in glasses and a striped red and white shirt lost in a confusing and busy scene. The pop up scare game is billed as the "hardest 'Where's Waldo?' game ever." The reason it is so hard is because Waldo is not in the picture. This prank is designed to make the player look closely at the screen to find the illusive Waldo and 30 seconds or so into the game a zombie face and scream appears and then the program laughs at the player's expense.

The hardest "Where's Waldo?" game ever can be found at

Red Dot

The first experience many people had with pop up scares through e-mail was with the Red Dot. Red Dot has many versions, including the one located on the website. This game presents the user with a red dot that is clicked. A new photo with a hidden red dot appears and it is also clicked when found. The pictures get more and more difficult as the game goes on until the Linda Blair Exorcist photo (a commonly used image in pop up scares) appears and shrieks. It is actually fairly scary the first time even if you know it's coming.

Colour Vision Test

One of the better pop up scare games to send to friends is the Color Vision Test. It can also be found on the website. This test looks innocent enough and asks the viewer to type in a number they see in a colour field to see if they are completely or partially colorblind. After entering three or four numbers a zombie face pops up and there is a loud scream. This, like the other pranks of this type, work best if the volume is turned all the way up.

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