Ideas for a 65th birthday party

Updated February 21, 2017

As someone nears her 65th birthday, she's reaching a big milestone in her life. You can celebrate this by throwing a birthday party. Invite all of your family members and her friends for the occasion and have a bash that everyone will remember. Whether you want something sentimental or something silly, you can plan the party to suit her needs.


Choose a theme to tie all the elements of a party together--from invitations to decorations to food. A simple idea is to choose a colour or two and base your ideas around that colour. You can also choose a theme of the year that the birthday girl or boy was born, showing movies from that year and foods that were popular then. Some people prefer to have a humorous theme, focusing on the fact that the person is now "old."

Music Ideas

Because the 65th birthday is such a big occasion, you may be throwing a very large party. If this is the case, you may want to hire a DJ or a band to take care of the music for you. Otherwise, you could simply play light music in the background. Whatever you choose, look up the songs that were popular in a certain time in his life. For example, you could choose the top songs from the year he was born or the top songs from when he graduated high school.

Decorating Ideas

Party supply stores will have a number of items that are meant for a 65th birthday party, featuring the number 65. You can also purchase "over the hill" decorations--though a person is considered over the hill at 50, the concept still applies for a 65th birthday party. Another idea is to decorate with pictures of the honoured guest or pictures of historical events from the days when she was growing up.

Picture Ideas

Ask all of your relatives to break out the family photo albums to find their favourite pictures of the birthday boy. You can then use these pictures to create an album, a video slideshow, or just frame them and place them around the room. You can also turn it into a game and have attendees guess who is in the picture or put the pictures in the order in which they were taken. If this is a large party, with many family members attending, it may be a good time to take a family portrait. Hire a professional photographer to do it right.

Cake Ideas

The most important thing about the cake that you serve is whether it's the right one for the birthday girl--choose her favourite cake. Most cake decorating shops can take a picture and print it directly onto the frosting, so you could put a picture of her as a girl and one of her now to compare then and now.

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