How To Make Wedding Cakes With Fresh Flowers

Updated April 08, 2017

Fresh flowers are a beautiful alternative to sugar paste or icing flowers. Incorporate your wedding flowers while adding a breath of life to the cake. Place the flowers on the cake at the last moment to ensure they maintain their brilliance during your reception. This will help keep the flowers as vibrant and lush as possible.

Sketch out your wedding cake design to decide where you want the flowers to go. This should help you decide what types of flowers work best with your design. Such flowers as roses, lilies, daisies and poppies work well as wedding cake decorations. Place flowers on top of the cake in central or side bunches, in a cascading stream down one side of the cake or around the seam of each tier. Apply small flowers vertically to the sides--however, this idea does not work well with larger blooms.

Place an order for the flowers at least two weeks before the wedding. Even if you plan to buy the flowers yourself at a floral shop, it is critical that you place an order to ensure the type, colour and amount of flowers will be available when you need them.

Prepare the cake, minus the flowers. Leave spaces for the fresh blooms. Pick up the order for your flowers the day of the wedding to ensure the flowers look their freshest.

Set up the cake at the reception. Add the flowers. Use royal icing glue to place small or medium flowers. Wrap floral wire around the stems or bases of larger flowers. Insert the large flowers into the cake. Use a paintbrush with royal icing to paste down any unruly petals that fall the wrong way.

Add the final touches to the flowers, such as gold or silver dust. You also can apply crystals to the flower petals.


If you can't wait until the reception to place the flowers, complete this step ahead of time. Avoid wilting flowers--do not place unrefrigerated blooms on a cake more than 10 hours before the reception.

Things You'll Need

  • Wedding cake
  • Flowers
  • Royal icing
  • Floral wire
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