10 year old birthday party ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A child's 10th birthday can be tricky for parents---you want to throw a party that isn't too childish, but not more mature than it should be either. Since your child probably wants to invite his friends---both boys and girls---you want to plan activities that are inclusive and gender neutral. With those things in mind, planning a party around a simple theme is sure to impress your little party goers.

Pizza Party

Affordable, communal and portable, pizza is a natural party food---especially for children. Throwing them a pizza party is a way to involve party goers in group activities while encouraging creativity, not to mention answering the question of what to feed them. Set up stations throughout the kitchen with ingredients you have prepared in advance, like pepperoni, chopped green peppers and bowls of different shredded cheeses. Let the kids stretch their own dough and prepare their own masterpieces---be prepared to lend a hand, though. Give them lots of options, like diced and cooked chicken with barbecue sauce for a barbecue chicken pizza. Heat a pizza stone in the oven so that you can bake pizzas in quick succession---preheated pizza stones can cook a pizza in a matter of minutes.

Entertainment-Themed Parties

Throwing a birthday bash based on one of your child's favourite books or movies can open the door to involving guests in a shared interest. A gender-neutral theme like a "Harry Potter" party, for example, could include activities based on the popular books and films, like mixing "potions." Tailor every aspect of the party to the theme---for example, give inflatable lightsabers as favours for a "Star Wars" party, play a treasure-hunting game at a "Pirates of the Caribbean" party or eat a dinosaur-shaped caked at a "Jurassic Park" birthday party. Whatever theme you choose, be sure to check with your child first as to her friends' interests, too---though the birthday girl is the guest of honour, you want to entertain her guests, as well.

Birthday Game Tournament

Encourage some healthy competition in your child and his party guests with a lighthearted birthday tournament. Set up simple games around the house and yard that party goers will be able to play for short periods. For example, start a game of "Horse" at the basketball hoop or a scavenger hunt---just be sure to define clear boundaries, so that no children wander too far. Present winners with prizes, and all other players with favours for participating, so that nobody leaves the party with hurt feelings. Remember also not to let the birthday boy feel overshadowed---after all, it is his special day.

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