Ideas for a 30th birthday celebration

Updated April 17, 2017

Ideas for a 30th birthday celebration should be tailored to the person having the milestone birthday. If the celebration isn’t the sort of thing the guest of honour enjoys, it’s not going to be a fun event for anyone. You also should consider the budget and type of guests involved to plan a successful celebration.

Date-Themed Birthday Celebration

Use the guest of honour's date of birth as inspiration for a 30th birthday party. Choose costumes, decorations, food, music and entertainment that fit the theme. For example, if he was born in the 1980s, guests should dress up with big hair, neon colours, pegged jeans and tops with shoulder pads. Decorations can include pictures of popular '80s celebrities and cartoons. Sushi and martinis provide refreshments while '80s rock plays on a retro dance floor.

Getaway Birthday Celebration

Throw a different kind of 30th birthday celebration by planning a weekend getaway. A party of two to six can travel to a local ski resort, beach resort or spa for a little vacation. The getaway also can focus on helping the guest of honour achieve a life goal, such as bungee jumping, scuba diving in open water or seeing a Broadway musical.

Kid-Themed Birthday Celebration

Give the guest of honour a last taste of childhood with a kid-themed birthday party. Ask guests to dress up in kid clothes, and have cartoon-themed party tablecloths, napkins, plates, cups, forks, streamers and balloons for a youthful atmosphere. Matching party horn blowers and colourful party hats help guests get into the spirit of the theme.

Entertainment can include a clown, juggler or magician, and there should be plenty of games, such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Bingo and candy-filled pinatas. Game prizes and guest favours can include water guns, yo-yos, bouncy balls, lollipops and bubblegum. Kid food, such as cupcakes, snack mix, candyfloss and mini corn dogs, are a few ideas for refreshments.

30-Themed Birthday Celebration

Take the "30th" part of the birthday celebration seriously and throw a 30-themed party. Ask guests to bring amusing gifts comprised of 30 items, such as 30 pieces of candy, 30 hair bands or 30 60p bills. The table centrepiece might feature 30 colourful balloons, and the walls could be decorated with glittery garlands that read “Happy 30th Birthday.”

A giant “30”-shaped pinata filled with 30 different types of candy provides an entertaining birthday party game. The birthday cake might be in the shape of a giant “30” and be covered with 30 candles. Appetizers can be served in “30”-shaped containers.

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