Superhero Crafts for Children

Updated July 18, 2017

Children love superheroes with their magical powers and vibrant costumes. These fantastical characters allow their imaginations to go wild and provide the perfect inspiration for craft projects. With a few ideas to get them started, they will love designing their own costume accessories and superhero characters and stories.


Make an eye mask using card stock. Cut out a fat figure 8, about 3 inches at the widest point and long enough to cover the width of your child's face. Hold this sideways over your child's eyes and mark where her eyes are. Remove and cut the eye holes out.

Decorate the mask with pens, paints, stickers or glitter. Make a hole at the top and bottom of your 8, about 1/2 inch from the edge. Stick clear adhesive tape around the holes to strengthen them. Thread elastic string through one hole, knot it in place and then measure the right length to fit around her head before fastening the other end.

Cuffs and Shield

Use the inner tube of a toilet roll to make superhero cuffs. Cut the tube in half to make two shorter tubes and decorate the tubes with pens and by gluing on glitter and your own accessories. For example, a bottle lid could be a button to launch his spider web or aluminium foil could be the dial for morphing into an alien. Cut a slit all the way down one side of each cuff so they will fit over any wrist.

Cut out your own superhero shield shape from a piece of card stock and decorate it. Glue a strip of card stock on the back in a loop shape for the handle.


Use a big piece of butcher paper to make a wall poster or stick pieces of card stock together using clear adhesive tape until you have the required poster size. Copy and then paint a picture of your favourite superhero on the poster. For a smaller project, print pictures of superheroes from the Internet to colour in.

Design and draw a brand new superhero and costume. Give him a name and invent his unique superpowers.


Make your own superhero comic. Fold large pieces of card stock or paper in half and slot them inside each other until you have enough pages to contain your story.

Use a hole punch to punch a hole through all the pages about 1/2 inch from the fold. Do this about a quarter of the way from the top and the bottom. Stick clear adhesive tape around the holes to reinforce them. Thread a piece of yarn or string through each hole and knot them to hold the pages together.

Split each page into squares to create a comic strip or just use each page to create a different part of your story. Cut out pictures from magazines or comics or draw your own to create a superhero story.

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