Young Enterprise Product Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

There are a variety of ideas that a young entrepreneur can use to start their own business. Best of all, there are ideas that a young person can begin that will not cost a great deal to carry out, either in terms of overhead or start-up costs. It would be wise for the teen to have an adult mentor to help guide them.

Designing T-shirts and More

There are a number of online sites where one can open an online shop, such as CafePress and Zazzle. These are shops where one design can be placed on numerous types of products, while for a nominal price you can purchase a paid version that allows for many designs. Threadless is another company where a young person can sell their T-shirts. Threadless allows shirts to be voted on, and the selected shirts are then sold on their site.

Making it Professional

Consider obtaining a quality graphics program such as Photoshop or the freeware software GIMP for the young person who wants to start their own business. You may additionally think about creating a website where you child or teenager can create their designs and offer them for sale. You can use a secure payment service like PayPal to process orders, or you can set up a merchant account with your bank. The site, for legal purposes, should be in an adult's name, but the creative side of the business can be in the hands of the young person it has been created for. Also, while the business is in the hand of an adult, the young person can still be getting a first-hand understanding of how to open and run a business, which will give them an advantage moving forward if they choose to pursue a career in business.

Selling Crafts

If your young person produces particular craft products, he or she might be able to sell these. There are websites such as where you can sell your own homemade craft products, such as homemade scarfs, gloves and hats, or even other craft decorative items that are hand-painted. You may also want to start a website where your young person can sell products directly. Remember that, depending on the age of the child, you should monitor their interactions online.

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